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Skin Care 101 Class 




This basic skin course is for individuals who need help with their current skin care regimen, help identifying contributing factors that my cause skin issues and more

Class will cover:
Identifying your skin type
Contributing factors to skin problems
Skin care maintenance
Product knowledge
Diet suggestions

Open to individuals 13 and old







Other classes offered by iMakeUpMe LLC:


Dermaplaning 101- This class is a basic course that covers the history of dermaplaning, contraindications, safety, aftercare and more. It also includes a starter kit. Must be a licensed esthetician, cosmetologist or current student.

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 One on One Makeup Application Class $150 2.5 hrs

This class is a basic, but detailed,  “how to” class offered to those wanting to know how to properly apply their makeup.

Topics covered:

Foundation matching and application

Proper eyeshadow placement and application

How to apply blush

Lip stick application

Strip Eyelash Application

Group Classes  $50  per person 1.5hrs

A minimum of 4 people required

Basic makeup application instructions


There is a 50% or more nonrefundable deposit required for all classes. The Mi Glam Jam Class is scheduled by instructor only. All other classes may be booked at the convenience of the instructor and client. All Classes are taught on Sunday evenings. *Except special circumstances.

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